Jenn is an accomplished photographer and graduate of the Western Academy of Photography (Victoria, BC). She views life as a series of memorable moments and creatively and professionally captures those moments for her valued clients. Jenn’s philosophy is to beautifully compose her images and provide her clients with both the expected and unexpected. In turn, she thrills and inspires her clients and other photographers by showcasing people, places and relationships in a stunning way and precisely for who they are.

Jenn finds sanctuary adventuring in the great outdoors. The Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains are her favourite playgrounds and she is also inspired by locations further afield. With her passport stamped on every page, she loves to travel and appreciates culture and diversity. Her life, relationships and work are all shaped by making the most out of life.

Jenn divides her time between the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains, and is also available for assignments in other locations.