The Collective Mission

The Collective Magazines’ mandate is to publish beautiful, well-written publications that showcase creation, exploration, and recreation in their communities.

The Collective Magazines showcase the uniquely diverse lifestyles and eclectic beauty of Vancouver Island. Covering arts, culture, sport, and recreation, they are locally minded publications with an Island outlook, celebrating the best our region has to offer.

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Vancouver Island’s natural beauty drives and inspires its creative culture. It is our passion to promote and develop art, culture and innovation through our publications.

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The Collective Magazines keep awe and wonder at the heart of our publications because fun keeps us young. We are committed to fresh ideas and perspectives to push our envelope and yours.



We live here because of the lifestyle that these communities afford us, and we know that’s why you’re here too. It’s our pleasure to showcase the adventures worth discovering in our region.

Our Team

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We are a team of professional creatives that love what we do, with a passion for sharing the stories of where we call home.

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CV Collective

The CV Collective is our inaugural magazine and is created and published by ROAM Media Inc. Launched in Winter of 2014, the CV Collective is focused on the Comox Valley region and is quarterly publication that releases on every solstice and equinox (mid March, June, September, December).

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Strathcona Collective

The Strathcona Collective is a partnership between Boleyn Media and ROAM Media Inc. Launched in the Spring of 2020, the Strathcona Collective focuses on the Strathcona region and is a biannual publication that releases on every equinox (mid March and September).