Many of us fear to take risks. Fear to surrender. Fear the outcome.

Although this life is altogether calm and tumultuous, somehow we make our way through it. More often than not, it’s a way we never thought we’d travel. But here we are, getting things done.

This issue is all about determination, drive, perseverance, resolve, steadfastness, willpower, whatever you call it, it’s all one in the same—a quality that has us firmly fixed on intentions. It’s what gets us up every time we’re knocked down. It keeps us flying down some gnarly singletrack honed in on the finish line, feverishly fighting for our rights when we’ve been wronged, and jumping headfirst into the unknown trusting that we’ll be okay.

This thing called determination is how we create, how we love, and how we help our neighbours. It’s the way in which we end up with cool gadgets, unique products, cures for diseases, and Olympic athletes.

It’s there for us when we need to firmly plant our feet, take a deep breath, and really dig deep. So, submit to the fear, take a few risks, and enjoy the process and payoff—your courage will get you there.

Whatever your goal, your plan, your purpose, life is pretty extraordinary. Own it.