Our young residents reflect on the home they’re growing up in




Variety is the spice of life when you’re growing up in Cumberland

Della and Winter Podmore-Goggins have grown up here and attend Cumberland Community School, where Della is going into Grade 7 and Winter is going into Grade 4. Each of the siblings took some time to write down their thoughts on what they love about summer in Cumberland and how it reflects this issue’s theme of zest.

Della: The magnificent forest surrounding the Village is lush and green and filled with trails for walking, running, or biking. I like going for runs and hikes in the forest, and some of my favourite trails are Missing Link, Space Nugget, and 4 Pack. I like that there are trails for all ages and everyone can enjoy them. The forest is home to many different types of birds, and there are bears and cougars. Sometimes they come into the Village, but they are usually harmless. There are also deer that enjoy walking up and down the streets, not to mention the trees, flowers, frogs, and fungi!

Winter: One of my favourite things is how Cumberland is surrounded by the dense forest all around us. Every morning, I hear the birds chirping to me, hoping that they will get a worm.

Della: Along Dunsmuir, there are so many awesome shops, restaurants, and more. On a hot summer’s day, I like going to Love’s for a scoop of freshly made ice cream or getting a delicious smoothie at Whole Glow Cafe.

Winter: Another great part about living here is that all the stores are locally owned, with a large variety of great food. And there are amazing neighbourhoods and, oh, don’t get me started with all the trees and plants.

When I think of the zest of Cumberland, I think of Market Days with the streets blocked and full of people cheering and laughing, and kids playing. Later, I see the parade coming down the street, colourful and full of joy.

Della: About five minutes from town is Comox Lake. During the summer, it gets full with campers who bring kayaks and/or paddleboards. I also like to go to the beaches just outside Cumberland to swim in the ocean and play in the tide pools.

Every Friday night in summer, there’s a concert at the lake. I love it when my family takes a picnic out and we go and listen to the local musicians. It’s great to see so many people out dancing, swimming, and playing. We often run into friends and people we know from around town. It’s a very festive and fun vibe.

Winter: In the summertime, when we go to my favourite spot, Comox Lake, I dive into the crystal-clear water. It feels like I belong with the fish swimming around me with the cool breeze and the hot summer sun.

Della: Everything (and everyone) is within walking distance here. Each morning I get up to the sound of singing birds and feel the sun beaming through my window. I have my breakfast and pack my bag, and I am off to school to see my friends. The best part of this place is the people. If someone needs help, there are amazing people who will step right in. Everyone feels connected. I am grateful that I get the pleasure of growing up here.

Winter: It is awesome that we get to live here. Cumberland is like a big wheel: it all spins together, never stopping, just like the Earth. Being here is an ongoing reminder that Earth is a place of peace and magic, like two symbols that join together as one.