A deliciously sustainable Comox Valley product.





Fishing may be one of the planets oldest professions, but Estevan Tuna is all about innovation. Bruce and Dianne Devereux have built a faithful clientele of Albacore tuna enthusiasts since they started selling at the Farmers’ Market in 2006.

Their business is built around sustainability. Despite methods that are more labour intensive and have higher processing costs, Estevan Tuna goes the distance to provide shoppers with high quality, ethically sourced Canadian seafood.

Facetime with shoppers at the market gives Bruce and Dianne a great opportunity to contribute to local knowledge about the industry. They are certified Ocean Wise by the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Friendly Seafood Choice program and Certified as Sustainable Seafood by the Marine Stewardship Council, who monitor unsustainable fishing and safeguard seafood supplies for the future.

But sustainability isn’t their only innovation. They produce and distribute canned tuna to specialty food shops and individuals all over North America from their home based warehouse.

It’s definitely a superior product; it looks, smells, and tastes different from conventional canned tuna. This is mostly because it is flash frozen fresh, different from the high volume brine fishery that holds fish in a brine. The higher-than-average-tuna price tag isn’t deterring buyers—it’s worth every penny

Should you be worried about mercury? No. Can you eat it when you’re pregnant? Yes. Are there parasites in raw tuna? No, its deep cold water fish. Is the stock at risk? No.

Any more questions about Albacore Tuna?! Chat with Dianne at the market this weekend! This woman knows her stuff. Or check out their website; it covers pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about tuna.

Want a recipe? This one is a no-brainer! Buy some of the frozen tuna loin (regular or smoked). Take it home. Cold thaw it. Slice it thin and eat it. Real food is that simple.