It doesn’t matter whether you have tried yoga, or not. Whether you’re good at it, or not. Yoga isn’t really about all the poses we see in magazines or film.

It’s about breathing, stillness, and connection. It’s about being in the moment and savouring the moment and all it has to offer (it only took me about 15 years to really figure this out). Breathing in the salty ocean or forest air, rich with green mosses and plant life. Every time we do, our bodies thank us for this nourishment.

My recent visit to Comox to see my brother and his family reminded me of the things that connect me deeply to life–nature, family, play and stillness.

When you live in such a beautiful natural paradise it shouldn’t be hard to connect. Yet, sometimes life takes over and the busyness doesn’t allow for much wiggle room no matter where we live. But when a visitor comes, you can get a different perspective.

I invite you to view your surroundings with the wonder of a child. Take five minutes a day in nature to connect and play. Watch your outer world transform as you feed your inner self with nourishment that can only come from nature and her gifts.

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Next time you are doing your regular outdoor gig–mountain biking, hiking or a short stroll–see if you can slow it down like slow motion, and then for a moment bring it to a stop, close your eyes and breathe in and smell the air. Be curious. Recognize where you are and appreciate it for everything that it is.

Practicing yoga in nature challenges me to find more focus and balance calmness with stillness, as I am working with the sand, water, trees, logs and rocky beaches to find a new footing that I can’t lean into indoors. I appreciate where I am and embrace it for what it is.

Next time you are out, strike a pose, hold it for five minutes and just breathe deeply. What I love about nature is that she is always showing us a different side of herself. When we slow down, look with fresh eyes and take a minute to break up our pattern, we may be surprised by the magic and beauty that we find in that moment.