Gallery photo by https://thecollectivemags.ca/contributors/dave-prothero/



Old school, new school, ski school no school. Freestyle, freeride, slopestyle, no style. Front side, back side, new lines. Singles lines, family days, winter break, Friday nights. Hiking boot pack, back country, groomed out, air out. Face shots on the powder face from the west bowl to the moguls. Pole planting, hand dragging, buttering, booters bonks and bluebirds. Water proof, soaked through, ice biting your face too. Blizzards blowing quiet at night, snow ghosts, fresh lines. First tracks in the morning, pillows floating, wind lips and tree runs. Spring days, guns out, goggle tanned, rail jammed. Mtn tech’d, carpet ride, French fried, lodge time, coffee time, beer time, good times. Skate ski, whiskey jack, wildcat, tame dog, tube attack. Snow shoe, fondue, new trails and beaver tails. Late appetite, Ted’s and twilight, tubing feels right last run for the night.

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