Reflections from a younger resident.




Hi, my name is Darragh Tormey, and this is my love essay.

Love can mean a million things, and it means different things to different people. To me, love means family, friends, sports, and my dog. Love makes me feel happy, safe, content, and secure.

Love is important. It isn’t fighting or war or hatred. It doesn’t matter if you have dark or white skin, you can love someone whose skin is a different colour from yours. And it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not, you can love whoever you want.

Everyone feels love, but everyone feels love differently. For example, some people like animals and others like sports, and that is okay. I love both.

I love my dog because she’s a part of my family and she makes me feel better when she’s with me. My dog is a chocolate Labrador called Rolo. She is three years old and lots of fun—she gets excited and likes to bark when we play chase. She makes me laugh when we play, and if I am tired, she sits with me, and we just chill out.

I love sports because I like being active and running around a lot. I think it’s fun to play different sports and games with my family and friends. My favourite sports are skiing, biking, swimming, basketball, tennis, running, and then soccer.

I love my family, well, because it’s my family. I have a younger brother and sister, my mom and dad, two grandmas, two grandpas, and 10 cousins.

I love baking shortbread because it’s fun to make. It’s the first baked food I made by myself, and it tasted very good. Luckily I didn’t have to do the dishes (that’s not so much fun!). I would like to try and bake a cake next.

I love my friends. They are nice to me and I’m nice back to them. We do stuff together like games, sports, and other activities.

I love my house because it gives me shelter and a nice place to sleep at night, it’s not cramped, and it’s warm.

I love my school. I go to École Robb Road Elementary. My teachers are nice, my friends are there, and learning French is tricky but fun.

I love where I live—the Comox Valley. I love the forest, the mountains, the seasons, the ocean, and exploring my valley.

My dog loves food, sticks, swimming, balls, walks, and cuddles.

My brother loves gardening, biking, hiking, and roasted veggies.

My sister loves cuddly cute animals, drawing, treats, and games.

My mom loves going on adventures with our family, skiing, and playing with us.

My dad loves running, climbing, and bringing us on trips in
the mountains.

Everyone needs to feel loved. And everyone needs to give love.

This was my love essay and I loved writing it!