As a creative generalist working in an array of art practices, Sarah Clark is less interested in becoming an expert than in exploring concepts and seeing how ideas fit together. She uses art as a tool to better understand the experience of being human.

Her work is process-oriented; in her studio, she learns how to pay attention to what’s right in front of her, and how to listen: “When I’m working on personal projects,” she says, “I begin by letting go of my attachment to outcomes. This way, I can give up control over whatever I’m making. My job is to show up, leave my ego at the door, and trust.”

As a data artist, she experiments with ways of merging information about how we experience the world with art processes. What emerges is a practice she calls “Slow Data,” where she explores methods of collecting, translating, and sharing data at the speed of conversation.

With empathy, she follows information where it leads—not in a search for answers, but rather to discover deeper and deeper questions. She’s materializing curiosity, and the artwork that emerges is a map of her discoveries.


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