Colin Somers




Colin Somers was born in Powell River and has lived in Campbell River for 50 years. He has spent most of that time enjoying the outdoors and all the area has to offer. He doesn’t consider himself a photographer. He’s just someone who loves to take and share pictures of his adventures.

As a member of the Mount Washington media team for the last 10 years, his images have been published in print and online. He considers himself lucky to have a group of awesome athletes as friends—they make it easy to get great images.

colin somers

He doesn’t spend much time looking for shots. Usually, he has an idea in his mind and waits for the circumstances to align, then moves to the next shot.

He’s gotten away from packing his big camera since his little compact one is with him all the time. That way, he’s ready when things line up the way he’s imagined them.

Colin’s philosophy is simple: have fun and don’t take life too seriously.