Jake Tinkler-Josephi




Jake Tinkler- Josephi is a photographer based in Courtenay, British Columbia (BC). Growing up in the country outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, when he was young, Jake came to BC on a family trip and was immediately drawn by the ocean and mountains, knowing that it was where he belonged.

Jake has called Vancouver Island home for 12 years. He lives in the Comox Valley with his partner and one-year-old daughter, Roema.

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His journey into photography was a natural by-product of his love of hiking and exploration. His adventurous spirit fuels his passion to explore extremely remote places and capture the little details in big spaces. His photography showcases his love for the raw and rugged beauty of Vancouver Island.

Jake believes that when research, preparation, and opportunity line up, that is when the magic happens. Through his work he hopes to ignite a spark of love and respect for the land and the animals that share it with us.