Editor's introduction to Vol. 9




As the editor of the Strathcona Collective, it is my privilege to help writers and community members throughout our region communicate what matters most to them. For this issue, we get to the heart of writers’ lives such as Raven Bonk’s Little River and the Awakeneers; the heart of a matter, as in CoCo Run and Double Bay Sanctuary; and the heart of a place, as is the case of Nawalkaw and Shoal Bay.

We share our hearts in all sorts of ways, and stories are perhaps one of the most obvious. They are a chance to shape the things we care most about into something tangible for others. Stories, when told from the deepest parts of ourselves, are a chance to be vulnerable; they foster connection and relatability, empathy, and compassion.

More than the individual, we have stories in this issue that reflect what matters in our region. The vital makeup of communities, organizations, and the environment are at the core of what makes our region such a diverse and special place to be.

I hope these stories give you the courage to speak out with sincerity—to speak from the heart—about the things that light you up or pull you to fight for them.

Who knows, perhaps your words will be in a future issue.