Oh hello! Fancy meeting you here. So, you want to know more about Courtney? Not much to tell. She mildly enjoys writing about herself in third person. She moves through life in wonderment. She loves people, most of the time. She’s a bit of a ROAMer, pun intended, she loves to travel. She slowly migrated from the east side, having grown up in Toronto (pronounced CHUR-onno, not TOE-ron-TOE), obtaining a Communication Studies degree in Montréal, followed by some exploration here and there until she landed in Cumberland in 2018. She loves it, and feels deeply connected and rooted in this vibrant community.

She shares her love of music, the natural environs and life, in general, with her three children and partner (who says he’s along for the ride).

Oh and she has worked in advertising/marketing/sales for as long as she has been practicing her chaturanga, and barely mastering, but fully embracing karaoke, 20 years and counting….