Our young residents reflect on the home they’re growing up in.




I was born in the Comox hospital overlooking the ocean and trees and mountains. As soon as I was born I was introduced by my parents to the forest and mountains and wildlife of the beautiful Comox Valley. There are lots of things that inspire me here in my hometown. Walking in Seal Bay and sailing with my dad in the Comox Harbour. Swimming with the Salmon down the Puntledge River and biking at Nymph Falls trails. But what I love doing the most is downhill skiing.

When I was three years old my dad started taking me skiing. He put me on a harness and rode the magic carpets. Now that I am nine I have more experience and can really enjoy everything about skiing and how it makes me feel. Skiing makes me feel so light and small. Light, because of the way I feel as I am pulled down the slope. Small because the mountains and trees around me are so big. I love when the snow shoots up on your face and when I go down the steep runs so fast I can hear the wind whistling through my helmet. When I go into the trees and try to find fluffy powder, I smile and try not to fall. Even though the powder is not bad to fall in. All of this makes me happy and I feel alive and awake.

Chairlifts are even fun too. My dad pulls out the snacks and we talk about our day and anything else we want. It’s also a good time to be quiet and think.

This one time when I was five my dad and I had just finished a day of spring skiing. He was taking off my ski boots and I asked if we were going to ski tomorrow. My dad told me that this was the last day of skiing for the season. I burst into tears.

You have to know how lucky we are to live in the forest and mountains and ocean. You should go skiing and walking and biking and to the ocean as much as possible. Because it makes you a better person.