Our young residents reflect on the home they’re growing up in.




My favourite things about living in Black Creek are that my house is close to my school, which is nice, and also that it’s very beautiful because of all the trees. There’s a lot of nature everywhere I go. Black Creek has tons of deer. They’re everywhere. And lots of caterpillars in the summer time. There are also so many rivers and lakes. We live really close to the Puntledge River and we watched the salmon spawning in the fall. There were hundreds and they were swimming all over each other.

I sometimes go to Miracle Beach. It’s huge with a lot of sand and some really cool tidal pools. I either walk there or ride my bike with my dad and my sister. One time I saw a squirrel on a log along the path to the beach. It was so cute.

I go to Miracle Beach Elementary school and I love to play tether ball. I’m pretty good now because I’ve been playing for three years. Black Creek also has a fun place called the Black Creek Hall. That’s where I take Karate lessons. I’m an orange belt. My sister goes to Hip Hop there. It’s pretty cool. I really like going to the Aquatic Center, too. It’s just so fun. And there are two waterslides there. 

Sometimes we go to Saratoga Speedway. It’s so fun! I’ve been there a couple of times now to see the monster trucks and also the car races. It’s really loud. I’ve been to the mini golf quite a few times now, too. One time my mom won a free game because she got a hole in one on the last hole!

Sometimes we go for lunch or dinner at The Black Creek Diner. I like the burgers. I really like that the Comox Valley has so many restaurants because I love food. My favourite is the New School Burger at Cornerstone. Also, there are lots of shops in downtown Courtenay to buy things like Christmas ornaments and decorations in the winter.

Another thing I like to do in Black Creek is to go out on my Dad’s boat and go fishing. Black Creek is a really nice place to live. It’s quiet and also really, really fun.