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When my Mom asked me what I wanted to write about for the CV Collective, I said climate change! It’s a big problem right now, everywhere. It’s causing crazy weather like storms, and is burning down a lot of forests because there isn’t enough rain.

Melting ice can cause floods. In the arctic there are animals like wolves, polar bears, and white foxes that are effected. If the ice melts too much, it’s hard for polar bears to hunt seals and they can starve to death.

I think other people should also be worried, and I think they should stop using their cars all the time, because the gasoline is bad for the environment. Instead they could walk and ride their bikes. We are hurting mother nature by using too much gasoline, making garbage, and leaving plastics in the ocean. It’s hurting seas creatures like the sea turtle we met last summer in Ireland. She was hurt by a boat and lost her front flipper.

I believe we can make a difference for the future. We could have things that don’t use gasoline and don’t make garbage. There can be bikes that run on electricity. We can stop using plastic straws and cups, and use metal instead.

Another thing we could do is stop cutting down all the forests. I make lemonaid stands to raise money for the Cumberland Forest (but my friends and I get to keep the tips). We sold lemonaid and hibiscus ice tea during Cumberland Wild last year and someone gave us $100 for the forest! This year at Christmas my mom and I made forest fairy magic glitter, for making wishes, to sell at craft fairs. We hope to make more money and save a bit more forest.

Saving the forests is important because the trees create oxygen, and they help to make the air cleaner. The forest is also home to owls, bears, cougars, and other wild things. We should be careful about breaking the mycelium network between the trees and staying on the trails. I learned about the mycelium network last summer in a forest stories summer camp with my mom.

The climate is what keeps us all alive. The earth is amazing and I learned about how the earth was formed at an IMAX movie in Victoria. The climate is a very thin layer, and we need to be careful with our atmosphere. The earth is our home, and we should love it.