Our young residents reflect on the home they’re growing up in




I’m nine years old and sooooo lucky to be born in the Comox Valley. Everyday there’s some new adventure. We have four very different seasons and that helps with all the fun things there are to do. The more adventurous activities you do, the more determination you need to pull them all off.

Summer brings a lot of my favourite things with it. Jumping into the Puntledge River from some very high places was the first time I actually remembered feeling super scared, and then one day I just did it. Now, I help grown-ups who are scared to jump by jumping in first!

There’s also tubing down the river—we do that every summer. I love going down the rapids and crashing through the waves. I love putting on my wetsuit and going into the river and swimming with the salmon. One time I saw over 4000 salmon swimming everywhere. That was the closest I came to feeling like a fish!

While biking on my road bike or mountain bike all over the Comox Valley, I feel so free. I need some serious energy to make it up the hills, especially mountain biking. But, getting to the top is always worth it because the best part is going down! Biking into town from my home in Dove Creek, instead of using the car, also takes determination. It can be rainy or hot, and you might have to have a bunch of stuff to bring back and forth. But every little extra bit of biking helps me feel happy—and it’s gentler on our planet.

Paddle boarding in the ocean at Goose Spit is one of my happiest things to do. We always meet family friends, eat good food, and play in the salty water. When the sun sets and the air is still warm, it always reminds me that I’m the luckiest kid on earth.