Galiano Island rests half way between the urbanized areas of Victoria and Vancouver, and yet retains a splendid isolation that enables a special kind of community and way of life to thrive. The entire island is an ecological haven, one that is taken advantage of by humans and the rest of our region’s fauna alike.

As part of the Southern Gulf Islands archipelago, its central location makes it a favourite stopover for sailors, kayakers, campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. The iconic view from atop Mount Galiano is achieved with a one hour walk, with only the first half being somewhat steep. The view southward is one that leaves an impression to last a lifetime.

Montague Harbour Provincial Park is easy to get to and boasts some of our regions nicest camping spots, as well as an ancient midden shell beach, in some ways a microclimate reminiscent of the South Pacific.

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Dionisio, the ‘boat access only’ provincial park at the northern tip of Galiano, on the shores of Porlier Pass, is a national treasure, rarely accessed by the city dwellers that live so nearby. You’ll often find space there even on the busiest of summer weekends.

For summer events and activities options abound, including the quaint community parades and festivals on Canada Day at the island’s North End and on the August long weekend at the South End. Also consider the Galiano Wine and Beer Tasting Festival, August 8th this summer.

The local food movement has truly taken root on Galiano through the island’s Community Food Program. The organization facilitates events and community groups throughout the year.

The Galiano Conservancy is a multifaceted organization that has lately taken on the challenge of running its Learning Centre, at once both a conservation venue, and a place for nature reconnection programming.