I don’t think I truly understood the word “bittersweet” before I became a mother. When I watch my son play with toys, whispering to himself on the floor, I feel time slipping away. The more I fight to hold on to the present, the quicker it passes. I know there is nothing to be afraid of, but I can’t help but think of what will be lost as each new stage comes barreling towards me. The pace makes me dizzy. I have never thought about the future as much as I have since he was born.

For something that never actualizes, our consciousness fixates heavily on the future. A biological drive to stay safe and tend to our basic needs—combined with a highly developed sense of self—makes it difficult to stay rooted in the everyday. Whether playing with your own children or grandchildren, riding your bike, or walking in the woods, the future steals your attention when you should be most present. It’s in the everyday where delight occurs.

We live in a community that is changing rapidly, and the opportunities that the Valley offers can be exhilarating. Or frightening. You may love something so much that it’s hard to watch it change. Or maybe you’ve become aware of how rapid growth and development are pushing what came before it to the fringe. These issues are real, and we’re a stronger community if we face them together.

Let an awareness of the impending and uncertain future inform how you spend your days. These are the words I want to sprinkle over my summer, with each splash of water caught by the sun, and during long and lazy evenings in the backyard with friends and family while the light lingers. Don’t let it slip away. Yesterday’s future is already here.

A final note as we head into the summer—a warm thank you to our contributors and advertisers who help ensure the future of the CV Collective. It’s an honour to have the opportunity to share the stories of our community.