Born and raised on Hornby Island, Kali Wexler is a self-taught Canadian wildlife conservation and nature photographer.

Growing up on this small Gulf Island fostered in Kali a deep appreciation and respect for the outdoors, and an insatiable appetite for any adventure that comes his way. Naturally, he finds himself drawn to BC’s rugged coastal landscapes and the wild animals that inhabit both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. 

In 2020, Kali began working as a wildlife guide in remote areas of BC including the Great Bear Rainforest and the west coast of Vancouver Island. Additionally, in 2022 he started working as a natural history camera assistant, quickly seeing the value in visual storytelling through the use of both photo and video.

“Photography is a glimpse into how I view the world around me,” he says. “The creative process allows for unique and often important perspectives to be shared. I hope to evoke feelings, tell stories, and ultimately create positive change through my work.”


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