Originally from Poland, Ania of AniuEmilia Photography has lived on beautiful Vancouver Island for 30 years.

She got into photography because whenever something beautiful and unique caught her eye, she would stop and take a picture with whatever camera she happened to have.

Her family and friends would say, “Enough pictures!” But she wouldn’t listen. She wanted to capture the moment’s beauty in the worst way.

In 2019, after working with a simple Nikon camera for some time, she purchased a professional camera and decided to learn as much about photography as possible, reading articles on the internet and practicing with her camera for about four years.

It became a passion, a pastime, an activity she’d rather do than anything else. Ania’s photographs celebrate the landscape and natural world, which she finds endlessly inspiring.

Her invitation?  “Vancouver Island is my home. I want to show you in my pictures how fascinating and exceptional it is.”’


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