Nestled between Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on the west side of Vancouver Island, Nitinaht Lake is a hidden gem for adventure sport and nature lovers. A quick trip from the Comox Valley, Nitinaht is a hot spot for wind sports, like kiteboarding and windsurfing, as well as fishing, mountain biking and hiking. Surrounded by some of the tallest trees on Earth, this ocean-fed, fresh water lake offers beachfront camping spots and a warm community of summer visitors.

An ideal place to catch air, perform tricks, or mow the lawn—as tacking across the lake is called—Nitinaht Lake is a premiere destination for kite boarders of all levels, especially beginners. The east end of the lake is flanked by mountains that channel the steady wind down the lake, transforming this majestic place into a playground for thrill seekers as well as those willing to test the waters a little more gently.

Elevation Kiteboarding is one of two schools that have been teaching kiteboarding on Nitinaht for the last 10 years. This crew of wind experts and passionate instructors has called the lake home each summer because of its optimal conditions for teaching this technical sport that marries sailing and board sports. Elevation Kiteboarding’s season runs from late May to early September and they offer individual lessons, women’s camps and lessons for children 8 and up.

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