Sophie Whittingham




Sophie Whittingham is an illustrator and storyboard artist born and raised on Quadra Island, British Columbia. Her drawings are inspired by the comings and goings of the people she encounters around her—at home, at work, and while travelling. Storytelling plays a large role in her illustrations, in which she focuses on character and emotion.

Growing up homeschooled, she was able to turn all of her necessary lessons, including math, history, and science, into art projects. She would spend her days making up stories, illustrating history books, and creating clay stop motion animations.

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Realizing she might be able to get paid for making art, she attended Capilano University in 2015 to study 2D Animation and Visual Development. That’s when she discovered a love for storyboarding. Since then, she has been working in the animation industry, except for that one year when she quit everything to live in England with her grandpa’s cousin.

She currently works for DreamWorks Animation from her home on Quadra Island. Her drawings and paintings are inspired by the eccentricities of human nature, and the fullness of life. Through her work, she hopes to send a message about the spark in all of us, and to remind us that every person and place has a story worth telling.