Featured Artist: Cathy Holfeld




Cathy Holfeld is an Irish graphic designer and illustrator. She was born and bred in Ireland until the Canadian way of life stole her heart in 2014. Her aspirations were to move in order to expand her graphic design skills while also being part of an adventurous, outdoor based culture. Then, through a serendipitous moment, she met her Canadian partner. They reside in Campbell River along with their 20-month-old identical twin girls. Cathy’s authentic passion is to illustrate. Since her early school days it felt like the most natural form of expression for her, allowing her to feel truly connected to herself and the subject matter. Cathy began illustrating various animal heads for a Canadian rock band, which then organically became her creative influence. Based on the period of time in her life, Cathy decides on the animal that best reflects her ambience. Her latest drawing of a Cougar personifies her journey of motherhood to her twin girls: prideful, protective, maternal and feminine. The contrast between the use of graphite pencils and acrylic paints creates a deeper sense of the animal’s spirit. Cathy works part-time in the Campbell River Coworking studio.