To make things happen, we connect. It’s the spark from these connections that makes us feel alive. I came to be the guest editor of this edition of the CVC because I knew someone who knew someone; I was connected.

In keeping with the tradition of past issues, I provided the writers with a theme to use either as a framework, or to reflect upon as they composed their article. To my delight, their response to the theme of connection was well received. As the compositions arrived one by one and we began to work together, natural connections formed. Each story has a unique message and it’s an editor’s job to synthesize ideas in an effort to create something whole. It’s about connecting great things to make them even better.

This issue is about how we bond with our children, how we are called to the forest and the mountains. It’s about our desire to move and be moved, and how we are intrinsically linked to the sea as we fly above it, dive under it, and float on it. It’s about how we work together to find solutions to age old and current challenges. It tells stories of why we fuse new ideas to old technology and new technology to old ideas.

Learning how we are connected to each other in the Comox Valley and beyond is inspiring. It makes us feel close and, in turn, creates community. Connection is how we thrive in this valley and in life. May this issue inspire you, expose you to things you don’t yet know, and reconnect you to wonderful things you’ve forgotten.