Our young residents reflect on the home they’re growing up in.




We moved to the Comox Valley a little over three years ago. I spent most of my childhood living in Nelson, BC, and, although Nelson is pretty cool, ever since I’ve moved here, I’ve loved it. I was born in Vancouver and lived there for my first three years. I actually moved to Nelson on my third birthday.

The Comox Valley is by far my favourite place I have lived. I love how it doesn’t seem too busy (like Vancouver) or too quiet (like Nelson), and summer is the BEST.

Why is it the best? Well, because of the river, of course! I could be there for hours with my friends and I wouldn’t get bored. I love to jump and flip off of Puntledge Rock and the Condensory Bridge. Tubing is really fun, too. Comox Lake is another awesome place to go. Sometimes my uncle takes us kneeboarding and sometimes we go up the lake to my cousin’s cabin. We also like to explore the trails and go up to Devil’s Ladder.

When COVID-19 hit, I decided to create my own YouTube channel (TownesTube), which started my passion for acting. My dad signed me up for an acting class with Sitka Stage and Screen, and I absolutely loved it. And ever since, I’ve been doing any project I can. I got my first part in a short film called “Truth Bomb” which was a very fun experience and made me want to pursue more acting.

I love trying out new restaurants and the Comox Valley has some great ones! My favourites are Nikkei Ramen-Ya, Sushi Wara, and Biblio Taco, and the ice cream at Love’s is amazing. I like to play basketball, ski in the winter, practice tricks on my trampoline, bike ride with my family, and, most recently, playing football with the Comox Valley Raiders. My friends and I have started to go disc golfing, which is super-fun but we’re not very good (yet).

We’re lucky to have so many beautiful beaches here! Kye Bay is probably my favourite. My mom used to live there as a kid. We try to go at low tide and search for starfish and other sea life. We love to paddleboard and kayak at Point Holmes, especially when the seals are around. It’s fun to do the stairs at the Spit as well.

I’m in Grade 7 at Valley View and next year I will go to high school at Isfeld. My brother, Harlow, is there, so we’ll be in the same school again. I have some really good friends and a very supportive family. I like to play video games like Minecraft, I can solve a Rubik’s Cube, I can do a few magic tricks and I’ve got lots of other random skills. But if you want to find me this summer, I’ll be at the river.