Our young residents reflect on the home they’re growing up in.




At 11 years old and growing up in the Comox Valley, I am lucky to be exposed to a lot of culture and experiences. In my community, I’ve had the chance to try many activities like Capoeira, hip hop, gymnastics, art classes, theatre, and skiing. And those are just a few of the things that I have been able to get involved with!

Trying new things can be difficult because you aren’t always very good at the start. Or even after a few months! My parents have taught me to never give up and keep trying if it’s tough. I’m lucky to grow up in two homes with encouragement and support from all of the adults in my life. I also have the benefit of a wonderful community school that encourages me to try new things and be a role model to younger students. My favourite part of being a Big Buddy at Royston Elementary is helping the little kids with their reading and writing. It’s fun to watch them learn and I like the feelings that I get helping them.

At my age I’m learning to give back and the importance that love, kindness, and respect play in my community—and in the world. Unfortunately our world isn’t as full of these three things right now as it could be. Many people don’t have a good life. The world is ailed with so many bad things like bombing, theft, poverty, addiction, and fighting. There is so much unhappiness. It’s definitely a time for love, kindness, and respect. These three things can change the world.

Being out in my community and paying attention to the news, I’m learning that, to some people, these words don’t mean anything. They are just words. This is sad, and why I work hard to show love, kindness, and respect every day (or as much as I can). I’d like to start a one week challenge to show others that it’s pretty easy to be nice. It will also spread happiness around the community, and hopefully beyond. Here’s what you could do:

Give someone a compliment/Share something with someone in need/Donate items that you no longer need or use/Complete a chore without being asked /Ask people how they are, and listen to them/Make a card for someone to tell them why you are thankful for them/Pick up trash/ Help someone in need/ Cheer someone up by helping them.

Regardless of your age, young or old you should always practice love, kindness, and respect. These are three easy actions that can be added into your everyday life, which can improve your quality of life but especially someone else’s. In doing so it can change the world.