Our young residents reflect on the home they’re growing up in.




My name is Kellan and I am 8. I was born here at the old hospital in Comox and have lived here my whole life. I like the Comox Valley because there are so many things to do. One of my favourite things to do is paddleboarding with my family. I have my own paddleboard and I like to go to Goose Spit, Point Holmes, and Money Beach. We call it that because I found a $50 bill floating there! Sometimes when we paddleboard I bring my snorkel and go swimming. I put my face in the water with my mask on and big waves come and fill my ears with water. I like swimming because I do races in the ocean with my mom.  

I like doing geocaches with my mom in the summer. You can find geocaches all over the world. Geocaching is where someone hides something, along with a logbook for people to sign, and you use an app on your phone that shows you where it’s hidden and how close you are to it. When you find it, you sign the logbook and sometimes there are treasures, but you can only take one if you also leave a treasure.

Hunting for geocaches sometimes takes us to new beaches and roads. Once we found one that was a bolt stuck on a bench. It took us two tries. We looked around the tree, on the bench, and even under the bench, but we couldn’t find it. We got in the car and we were going to leave, but I said to my mom, “Let’s try one more time,” and this time we found it. My mom was pulling on the bolts and one came off and it unscrewed and the geocache was inside!

In the winter I like going to Mount Washington to go tubing and skiing with my friends. I like to cross-country ski and downhill ski and I like to try and do jumps. At my grandpa’s ski condo, he shovels the snow off the roof and it piles up in front so I can make forts and slides. My grandpa and I have to make stairs with it to get the skis and sleds out. I like sledding down the hills on a super-fast sled.

Comox is cool in the spring because in the mornings we hear fighter jets, and my Dad and I quickly get dressed and hop in the car and speed to the airport to watch them fly around. The Snowbirds also practise in the spring. I have seen them doing a big heart in the sky from my school, and I like to watch them from the beach. Once, I was at the airport watching the Snowbirds and after one landed, he opened his hatch and waved to me.

My favourite season is fall and this year we are going to make our dog Gracie jump into a big pile of leaves. I like bringing a Lego vehicle outside and driving it around in the leaves. I also rake the leaves into big mazes in the yard for me to find my way out. We have so many leaves in the yard because we have a ginormous maple tree that’s bigger than a two-storey house.

I hike, scooter, and bike a lot. My favourite walk in Comox is going to the top of Goose Spit because we take pictures of me and my dog on the edge of the cliff. I hope you liked learning about my favourite things to do in the Comox Valley. It is a great place to live, but I don’t know if I will live here when I grow up, because I just went to Maui and would really like to live there, too!