Each issue of this magazine is a journey of its own. It takes its first steps with simple ideas, drifts to making contacts and gains momentum with conversations, summits challenges with hard work and takes flight with dedication. It arrives in your hands as a beautiful record of each submitter’s personal journey and is bound together by a desire to tell the stories of not just the Comox Valley, but of how we influence the world and it influences us.

Writers had babies in their arms, dogs at their feet, or a mountain view as they typed. Some found inspiration staring out the window of a ferry, holding an injured eagle, or standing in the shower. Photographers stood on hills and in valleys, studios and offices and got close to their subjects, literally and figuratively, so they could bring us close too. Words were revised and images reframed.

This issue began during a video conference in Singapore, with me chatting with the CVC crew back in Canada via cell phone. As the articles came in, I edited the first of them in the bustling Hong Kong airport and finished them in the CVC office and retail store (come visit) on Dunsmuir Avenue in Cumberland. Contributors sent me their articles and photos from locations as far away as a sailboat in South America, and as close as a living room in the Comox Valley. From a cottage on Denman or from a phone while traveling to Campbell River.

Every one of us is on our own adventure during which we will encounter currents that take us off course or headwinds that challenge us. Trips around the world and strolls down the street can be made easier and more beautiful with the help of our friends and neighbours. These storytellers are your friends and neighbours; let them inspire you to volunteer, take a trip, or learn about our ecosystem and history. Our advertisers are community members with small businesses who help support each issue we publish; visit them and keep the cycle going by enjoying the fruits of their labour. Above all, heed the old cliché and enjoy the journey.