When I wrote the last Editor’s Letter, things were still reasonably normal in the Comox Valley. But some time between our spring issue heading off to print and the time it was supposed to launch, the arrival of COVID-19 changed our world forever.

We all know how disruptive the pandemic has been in many serious and society-altering ways. And did it ever mess with our ability to produce four seasonal issues—especially since our 2020 theme is the four elements.

This is the first-ever double issue of the CV Collective. Flip it over to see our Fall 2020 content, inspired by water. On this side of the magazine, we’re all about the summer, heat and fire, creativity and passion—well, we’re always about creativity and passion, but these qualities are commonly associated with the fire element.

If you’ve read our last two issues, you’ll know that writer Ryan Stuart has been imagining a future for our communities. (He sure got more than he bargained for when he signed on to write these pieces!)

His summer 2020 piece, which describes a possible Courtenay 20 years from now, starts with: “How quickly we can adapt.” That simple statement has brought me hope in the last little while, as I hope it does for you.

While we’ve been denied some of the most delightful aspects of a Comox Valley summer, we still have so much to be thankful for. We’ve managed to stay (mostly) safe. We have plenty of wide-open natural space. And we have a community of creative people who aren’t afraid to rise to a challenge.

This issue was forged during the most challenging time that most of us have ever lived through. We’re all very proud of it.