Featured Photographer: Vince Kehn




Captain Vince Kehn’s four decades of working in the marine industry on the coast of BC has greatly influenced how he sees its waters and surrounding environs. As a result, water is a theme that can be found in many of his stunning photographic images. Kehn also brings that captivating ability to see images ashore, as he shoots landscapes, nature and the folks he finds there.

Travel has also been a colourful influence on Vince’s camera eye. From Australia and South America, to Europe and South-East Asia, experiencing different cultures in all their forms has opened a vivid, visual palette Vince utilizes to further his photographic art.

The flow of light, texture, and composition are constant companions of Vince’s as he views the world he lives in. Sharing those compelling images through his photography has given him an outlet for his artistic vision.

Daily life in Saratoga Beach inspires Vince as he walks the beaches and trails close to home. Turning his lens towards new subjects and projects keeps Vince excited for continued learning and growth in his photography.


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