Luc is a transplant from the prairies who made his way to the Comox Valley seven years ago in search of the mountain bike trails featured on the posters and in the magazines of his youth. His awe for the beauty of foggy forests and majestic mountains rising out of the ocean has still not worn off.

Luc initially picked up a camera as a young teen to capture his friends skateboarding in the busy downtown streets and alleys of Winnipeg. These days, his interest has shifted to bringing his camera along on outdoor adventures, hoping to find a snow-capped peak or a sliver of light piercing through the dense forest.

With a brain that never stops, Luc feels that photography helps to make everything go quiet and provide him with a moment of calmness. Looking at the world through the little window of the viewfinder, adjusting settings, finding focus, and waiting for the right time really makes him be in the present moment.


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