Featured Photographer: Kiley Panziera




Kiley Panziera is the woman behind the lens of Panziera Photography. Her photography journey sprung to life in 2012—the result of wanting great photos of her kids, but not being able to afford a professional photoshoot. She picked up the camera and never looked back!

Then in 2016, a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) completely derailed her life. Hospitalization, complete paralysis for four months, and severe depression followed as she learned how to do everything from the beginning—from using her hands to walking. Three years of extensive physical and mental therapy led her back to her life and love of photography. Now, her work is tailored to suit her physical needs, and she focuses on photographing what she loves most: children and animals.

Having found photography to be a luxury service, she makes her service financially accessible—providing families of all types with the chance to create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. It’s her way of giving back to a community that provided such kindness during a serious time of need.


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