Featured Photographer: Bob Wild




Bob Wild considers himself a late bloomer—photography wasn’t on his radar until he was in his late 40s. As a kid and young adult, his spare time was spent working on cars and playing hockey. He had anticipated he’d spend his retirement years golfing. But when he heard that first click, it changed everything.

It was at the time digital cameras (DSLRs) and Photoshop arrived on the scene. They were new, available to everybody, and people were eager to share and learn. For the next several years, Bob bounced between Prairie View School of Photography and his local photography club.

Today, it’s the same camaraderie and passion for the art he found there that keeps him shooting—reflected in his website which includes articles, guides, and access to a photography club. His photographs capture the diversity and beauty of our Island with a focus on waterfalls, trips, and macro photography. When not on home turf, he also documents the incredible wildlife found on African safaris.

“Your first 10,000 photos will be your worst, and photography is not a race. It seems simple, but the reality is, it takes a lifetime to learn.”


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