Julie Sabey’s creative work has, until recently, only been viewed on screens. Her writing and directing career has taken her from coast to coast in Canada, throughout the USA, and to Singapore. During the pandemic, she found herself isolated and afraid, spending myriad hours in front of the computer. Although she’d worked remotely for many years, this felt different.

To assuage her fears and satisfy her desire to make something she could hold in her hands, she began to draw and paint. In the beginning, she used only the things she had at home: pencil crayons, fine pens, and collage materials. She ordered watercolours and brushes and explored painting for the first time. The dramatic availability of online courses meant she could learn, practice, and participate in workshops from home. She became part of a robust and supportive online community that spans the globe.

Eventually, she bought herself an easel and some acrylic paint. Her current work reflects periods of personal and global uncertainty combined with the joy of expression.