Cultivating the garden of your dreams.

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Daffodils, snowdrops, pussy willows, and crocuses are popping up madly, desperate to attract the attention of some drunken bumblebee that is just waking up from the depths of hibernation. Birds chatter relentlessly at half past four in the morning, right outside your bedroom window, and squirrels heckle you the moment you step outside, protective of their own budding broods.

You heave a deep draught of sweet spring air and lift your eyes to the robin’s egg sky—only to see before you the bedraggled ruin of your yard. Your lawn is a dull ratty brown, not remotely green, and bare patches straggle across like a bad wig. Your garden beds look like they’ve been sat on by some enormous mythical beast and the one lonely apple tree that’s been struggling for years has finally bit the bullet. A huge branch, broken by the heavy snows of winter, has cracked and lies across the neglected rhododendron bushes. The solitary kale plant that made it through the winter in your vegetable plot has three whole leaves at the very top and the rest have been devoured by a one of those irritatingly cute bunnies your neighbour let loose last year.

This may be the year to get help with your garden.

The space surrounding a home should be an extension of the living area and reflect the individuality of the people living within. The landscaping companies of the Comox Valley are experienced professionals who can help you merge the inside living areas and outside spaces into a seamless whole. They can interpret the often-bewildering variables of a landscape renovation, installation, and maintenance. Opportunities abound for landscape elements.

At A Rose in Thyme Landscape Design, we believe a landscaping project starts off best with thoughtful, nuanced design, tailored to your individual lifestyle. It can be difficult to have an objective view of your own outdoor space. Hardscaping elements such as patios, pathways, decks, and other non-plant elements provide structure and act as the bones of the garden. A landscape designer can see where those bones need to lie and how the different areas of a landscape interact, thereby creating a space which fulfils the needs of form and function. Movement patterns, privacy screening, blooming times and personal tastes all have to be taken into account for an entrancing landscape to take shape. Landscape designers specialize in developing outdoor spaces that are evocative, functional and add value to your home. We guide you through the design process by envisioning 3D concepts and layouts, expressive theme boards, and by refining your desired elements through detailed consultations. Do you imagine friends and family gathered out on the patio on a warm summer evening while grilling dinner in your outdoor kitchen? Soaking away the day under your outdoor shower after a hard ride up the mountain? Actually growing vegetables for you and not the bunnies? We bring creative, functional designs to vivid life.

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Once a solid design is in place, seek out a reputable and reliable landscaping contractor to make it a reality. At Bodhi Landscapes, owner Aaron Pitt has well over 20 years of producing stunning backyard oases, inviting and functional spaces, and always with top quality workmanship. A professional understands the different materials available, what is required to provide a proper foundation, ensures adequate planting medium, and has proper liability insurance for when you want to bring in a Bobcat to remove that gnarly old stump whose roots go under your neighbours newly laid patio and hot tub. Longevity is another result of using a good contractor as we will take the appropriate amount of time to do the proper preparations and lay our materials on a solid foundation. Hiring a professional landscape contractor should end up saving you money and your valuable time.

Imagine gazing adoringly at the newly installed exquisite landscape that enfolds you, the meticulous craftsmanship of the elements in their final places, and the perfect tone that matches your lifestyle. You inhale deeply with a satisfied smile on your face.

And then that squirrel starts heckling you again.

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