Our young residents reflect on the home they’re growing up in.




Hi, my name is Zakary Wallace Baikie and I live in Campbell River.

My favourite sports are skiing, mountain biking, and scootering. I love summer because we get to do lots of mountain biking, but when it’s not summer, my favourite season is winter. I love skiing at Mount Washington because I get to be with my family and have fun, and after we go skiing we get to have hot chocolate. Sometimes my Dad’s girlfriend Sarah comes skiing with us as well.

Last year my dad, my little sister Jasmine, Sarah, and my Grandpa and I went skiing for the first time together. While Grampi took my sister skiing, Sarah, my dad, and I went skiing with his friends Greg and Jen. We went up the boomerang lift and skied the backside.

I thought it would be easy at first, and told my Dad so. He wasn’t so sure. Dad was filming me skiing through two trees when I hit one tree and face-planted into the snow. Everybody started laughing because my face was white with snow and this was only the top of the run and there were steeper hills coming up with bigger trees. The heavy snow was actually pretty hard to ski.

We went down a bit more and we came to a fork in the trail and went to the right, which wasn’t the best idea. There was a tonne of icy snow and it was steep! And then my dad fell. And that is true, I can remember it, even though he says it wasn’t. Then we came to a clearing with giant walls of snow stuck together on the hill. I went through them and started getting nervous. I didn’t want to go down. I was holding onto some snow and started doing the splits and my Dad kept telling me to roll backwards down the hill. It took me a while to realize that that might be the best way to get down. I rolled backwards and kept rolling down the hill until I got to the bottom. We skied through the pathway to the Boomerang lift and then we went up to the top where we skied the front side, all the way to the lodge to have hot chocolate. Nothing beats a day out in the elements like a cup of hot chocolate.