Little River

Our young residents reflect on the home they're growing up in.




Hi, I’m Raegen Collins and I have lived in Campbell River (CR) my whole life. It is an amazing place! I am a dancer and am crazy about watching and playing all sports. I also love all animals and the water. I love to paddle board.

When it comes to sports, Campbell River is awesome. There is always stuff going on here like special activities and sports. From casual to competitive, CR has it all. If you like theatre, singing and dancing, we have the Tidemark Theatre, which hosts a wide variety of shows and performances. After my competitive dance season ends, our entire dance studio performs a year-end recital there. It’s also painted hot pink outside, so it’s pretty fun.

There are lots of places to explore close to CR. Miller Creek, also known as Upper Campbell Lake area, is an awesome summer place to go with camping spots and a pretty dock and amazing views. I also love Elk Falls Suspension Bridge because it’s a fun and thrilling experience. My dog Linus loves going across it, and it’s really fun to look down and see the beautiful rushing water below. McIvor Lake is an awesome lake to swim during the summer. Saratoga Beach is a white sandy beach perfect for swimming. I like how warm the water is when the tide comes in.

Another great part about CR is how it’s surrounded with water, so paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming are all easy to do. I also love boating. Cortes is an awesome place to boat to, or just to go fishing in the ocean.

About two or three years ago my mom, dad, one of my mom’s friends, and I were out paddle boarding and kayaking when a super pod of about 1000 Pacific white-sided dolphins came in close to shore and were at every side of us. It was my first time in a kayak in the ocean and I was so excited when
I looked down and realized there were dolphins swimming underneath me! My mom posted a video of it online, then the news crew called that night! The next day I got to skip school to get interviewed! We were on the 6 o’clock news that night. It was so cool!

The pier is an awesome place to go to get ice cream, fish, or just go for a walk. It is blue and has colours painted on it. I love to bike and a good place to ride is the Seawalk. You can walk, jog, bike, or even rollerblade or rollerskate. It’s a long stretch along the ocean and the majority is separated from the road. The Seawalk is one of my favourite parts of CR. I love the fresh air.

We also have a nice movie theatre here with very nice seats, a very big screen, and lots of rooms so lots of shows can run at the same time. They also have a very nice concession stand with lots of candy!

Campbell River is a very fun and awesome place to live and it’s amazing!