This season, rivers and streams swell and grow like open hearts and minds, reminding us what we’ve left behind and leading us to places we can’t imagine. Growth in spring means that flowers open and the colour of our landscape constantly changes.

The theme of growth was chosen for this issue not only as an homage to spring, but also for the way it can be applied to personal, emotional, and intellectual improvement. However, growth can also be intimidating and unwanted, like weeds invading our space.

Personal growth may mean the daunting tasks of life transitions, calling us to stretch toward a better life and reach out for the help and support of our community. The continued growth of anything can lead to unprecedented changes in our surroundings that require careful considerations of sustainability. Our community faces population growth and we must choose well how we manage it, for the sake of future generations, as their destinies are at stake.

Find inside tales of optimism, expansion, restraint, and repair. Perhaps you’ll read something that will help you grow this season, right here in your own backyard.