As a photographer specializing in weddings and portraits of family and parenthood, Amy Shaw believes “photography is a journey into the art of capturing life’s most precious moments.” In her portrait and lifestyle work, she aims to capture genuine emotion as much as possible.

When she’s not photographing people, Shaw can be found trekking through the forest or at the beach, capturing landscapes and wildlife. She enjoys visiting the same places throughout the year to photograph the changes in the landscape through the seasons.

Shaw doesn’t let rain or cold stop her from getting out with her camera in hand. In fact, taking photos of our beautiful valley has become a key part of her mental wellbeing. It forces her to slow down, get some fresh air, and take her mind off everything else as she becomes immersed in her surroundings, then works to convey the feeling with her shot.

“Even on the dullest days,” she says, “There is beauty to be found in nature—you just have to slow down and look for it.”