Jared was born and raised in Saskatchewan but spent his adult life in various pockets of British Columbia before settling in the Comox Valley. Under the alias the Greylands, Jared has pursued various incarnations of the creative including photography, paper-cut stop-motion animation, film, illustration, music, graphic design, and larger-scale festival art installations. Much of his work manifests from the surreal borderlands between our world and worlds of the unconscious, the spiritual, the mythic and dream realm. Jared and his wife, Joslyn Kilborn, run the Cumberland Studio, which, among other things, serves as a photography and animation studio where he produces a traditional form of stop-motion animation using paper cutouts and light table. He’s made over 20 short animations and is in the process of releasing a music/animation series years in the making. In recent years he has pursued video and photography. He is currently working on a photography series of surrealist portraits titled children of the greylands.


CVC Vol36 Artist Gallery