As the light dims, we must find ways to fill our hearts, challenge our minds, and keep our bodies healthy. We turn to the elements to satisfy ourselves and make the darkness bearable.

As you’ll discover, some of us take flight, using powerful winter winds to elevate our senses. We stoke our fires to cook things that will comfort our friends and families. We challenge the grey skies with winter activities, both indoors and out. Some take solace in the clip, clop of horse’s hooves on the wet earth, while others venture out of town for a change of scenery or challenge on the slopes. On these pages, you’ll find the story of one man’s off-the-grid project that uses the elements to shelter and give life, and be introduced to heroes who battle the elements to save the lives of others.

Be sure to read the names of the authors who’ve created these stories for you. Look to the back pages to find all of the people who make this publication work. Elemental to its success is love, dedication, skill, and finding joy in the Comox Valley.