An enlightening interview from our last issue led me down a rewarding rabbit trail. The conversation was an enthusiastically shared perspective, the topic being the value of process in pursuit of a finished product. The realizations of undiscovered inspiration in the midst of completing a task. Whether made or found, it’s what happens when we start to look for what’s good about where and how we are on the way to becoming something more.

Process or product, which do you favour? To be fully immersed in the journey, loosely considering the destination or to forget the road, straight to the all-inclusive. No layovers on the way. Do you prefer the creative act in and of itself or the finished work… without the work? Slog out the valleys and meadows or take the heli to the mountains peak?

This trail leads to a dangerous contradiction. The demands of our modern society, the speed of robotic production and invisible bargain work forces often ask that we overlook the valuable human experience of the process. “Local” and “handmade” may be hipster buzz words but are also music to the ears of a consumer drowning in piles of mass produced plastic. “The old fashioned way” frowns at the unrealistic affordability that distant factories have often given us. An overinflated sense of the price tag above the process. In our immediate midst is an answer. The magic is in the making.

For those with eyes for the convergence, here in the Comox Valley process and product marry. Examples range through the commercial to the cultural. From the imagined to the marvellous, marketable or mystical, our combination of immersive natural beauty and inspiring local talent make the value of our home difficult to measure.

Local geniuses like Reuben Forsland produce ornate weapons of mass construction for rock and roll legends like Slash. Internationally acclaimed film makers invest in the fruits of our fields. Famed photographers and award winning chefs call us neighbours. Hollywood set builders brew our beer. We overflow with creativity to the point that we take it for granted; after decades of uniquely crafted local excellence, have we perhaps lost the glimmer in our own gold. Do we grow contemptuous of our own treasure? Our own excellence implores us. Re-explore what has become familiar; renew what has become normal.

A visitor will tell you like it is. Virgins to the Comox Valley are caught in awe and wonder at reach of our shores. Just a shred of interest will show you adventure is so close it’s palpable. Supernatural beauty is in every direction. Sport, shop, learn, build or just be. We’ve got what you’re looking for. Whether you’re one of the biased born and raised or a recent newcomer to the valley, fresh eyes will show how much is right in front of you. Here’s to the discovery.