At its root, tradition is the sharing of stories. Perhaps our oldest tradition is exactly that: storytelling.

Deeply woven into the intricacies of our lives, stories connect us from one generation to the next. They help us mark the passing of time, special occasions, holidays, and beliefs.

Traditions root us in family, culture, and community. They bind us across continents, make strangers familiar, and allow new places to feel like home.

These pages hold traditions from our region, as well as portions of history that a curious few have taken the initiative to explore and share. Then there are stories that prompt a shift in perspective, possibly forging new paths for our communities.

As is the case in some of these stories, the reclamation of tradition and culture can provide a sense of self and belonging, and, with that, a sense of purpose and peace. And then, sometimes, there is the need to start fresh—to accept that some traditions follow outdated perspectives coloured by our past. New traditions can provide us with ways to heal and claim who we truly are—individually or as a collective.

As you read through, consider your own traditions, what they mean to you, and what they tell you about the changing human condition. And perhaps, if the moment arises and the call feels true, begin your own anew.