We have much to celebrate in the Comox Valley.

Aside from spectacular scenery and a host of ways to amuse ourselves, our natural environment provides for us both practically and spiritually. It inspires our community of builders, creators, and makers. We reside in it and it resides in us.

To celebrate is to be joyful in the moment and in reflection. The CVC is a magazine of celebrating all that we have and all that we have to give, and there is no shortage.

This issue, our 12th, wraps up three years of reflecting on the bounty of our region: significant structures old and new, our landscape, and of course, the people who live here and the incredible things they do.

As we transition to our 4th year of storytelling, we welcome a new editor, Allie Jenkinson, and I am thrilled to pass the torch to her. Our team, led by ROAM Media co-owners Jenn Dykstra and Ian Adams, brings the community’s stories to life in a way that makes us proud to live here.

Savour every moment you have in this glorious valley. Delight in every eagle sighting, sparkle on the water, friendly smile, and homegrown tomato. Take notice of someone who needs a hand and extend yours. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, there is always a reason to celebrate.