Small But Mighty

Meet one of Campbell River's community builders.

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A community builder is someone who brings the community together, who loves to connect people with one another, who contributes to community projects, and, for me, as owner and Physiotherapist at Active Living Physio, it’s all about personal health and well-being in the community—developing projects that help people start, and stay, active and healthy.

When I first moved to the community of Campbell River in 2011, I had no idea how much I would love working and living in a small community. I started off knowing no one, and now I rarely go out without running into someone I know, whether it’s through work, my kids’ community, or my network of friends. I love it!

Often described by friends and family as “small but mighty,” contributing to the community in many ways has always been a priority for me and my business. From sponsoring local sports teams or events, to hosting free community seminars, I love giving back to the community that I live and work in. In turn, these connections enhance the work that I do as a physiotherapist and business owner. I work in a place where I know almost everyone who walks in the door by name, and something about who they are—where they love to run, their favourite restaurant, what their kids are up to, or what activities they participate in. I also love seeing my patients out and about. It’s a rare day when I run or ride in our beautiful Beaver Lodge Lands and don’t cross paths with someone I know.

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Outside of work, I am involved with my kids’ community as well, coaching their Nordic ski team, volunteering on the school PAC, and volunteering with their swim club, the Campbell Salmon Kings. I choose volunteer roles where my skills as a physio and athlete will benefit the organization. For the school, I organized GoByBike BC Week for the kids and educated our local elementary school teachers on the importance of physical literacy. For the swim team, I developed a warm-up and strength routine for the kids, then helped put it into practice. I also established “Track Tuesdays,” coaching adult runners who are members of the River Runners, our local running club. My motivation for participation in each and every one of these roles stems from my love of meeting new and interesting people, sharing my passion for healthy and active living with others, and creating new and memorable experiences for community groups.

I’m also an advocate for locals supporting locals, as both my work and leisure are deeply rooted in this community. Sponsoring teams and events, teaming up with other local businesses to offer community lectures, volunteering and donating to community fundraisers, and spending time and resources engaging one-on-one with young people are all actions that contribute to a connected, friendly vibe within the community.

I continuously look for ways to support locally owned businesses, to stay healthy and active, and to be part of building up this community I love in all the ways I can, encouraging everyone around me to do the same.

I may be small, but I certainly feel mighty!